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List of Holdings*

The current collection includes materials from the 1600s through the present.

  • Royal Dispensations
  • Denominational Publications
  • Parish Records
  • Sermon Manuscripts
  • Correspondence (Intra-Transylvania; American; British)
  • Photographs; Glass Lantern Slides
  • Ministerial Records and Documents
  • Governance Records
  • Synod Minutes
  • Organizational statutes
  • Unitarian College & Seminary Records
  • Ancillary Organization Records (Youth; Partnership Church Program, etc.)
  • Financial Records
  • Architectural Plans
  • Wax Seals (17th-19th Century)
  • Pedagogical Macquettes (Unitarian College Instructional Materials)
  • Religious Educational Texts
  • Parish Films

Pending support, links to digitized documents will follow.

* This organizational scheme is an adaptation of that contained in Tim Driscoll (1995) Documenting an Institutional History: the Unitarian-Universalist Archives Project at the Harvard Divinity School. In: The Proceedings of the Unitarian-Universalist Historical Society, Vol. XXIII, pp. 39-65.