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Dependent on private support since its founding in August of 1998, the Transylvania Archives Project has focused on the following in its effort to establish international interest in the preservation of this collection of Unitarian documents dating back to the early 1600s.
  • Organize T.A.P. Steering Committee in United States under Dr. Deborah Youngman (Boston University)
  • Undertake strategic planning for 1998-2002
  • Initiate search for funding
  • Install Heating and Plumbing (See floor plan)
  • Upgrade available computer
  • Introduce T.A.P. to international community of archivists, historians, and other scholars within and beyond the Unitarian community
  • Passage of a statute (Transylvanian Unitarian General Assembly, 1999) describing the conservation plan of the Unitarian Headquarters in Kolozsvar, RO (Author Rev. Lehel Molnár B., Archivist)
  • Consultation with Harvard Divinity School* Curator of Manuscripts Frances E. O'Donnell and Conservator Doris Freitag (August, 2000)
  • Undertake comprehensive inventory of holdings
  • Proper cleaning, organization, and storage work begun


Purchases to date have included:

  • Safebox for storage of most precious holdings

  • Specialized Vacuum Cleaner

  • Museum quality storage boxes

  • Conservation tools, products, materials

  • Scanner and CD-writer


*American Unitarian-Universalist archival holdings are housed in the Andover-Harvard Theological Library